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Founded in the early 90s, Movie Magic International is a film production company based in Milan and Los Angeles. Today Movie Magic showreel boasts a wide range of successful works, with large Hollywood-style productions and smaller, creative films. 

Since Movie Magic has a rich director's roaster, our main task was to create a beautiful way to show as many works as possible. That's why the website opens unexpectedly on the director's grid. We needed to give the same relevance to every director, the challenge was to use design and art direction to make the list engaging.

Work that speaks for itself

Our task was to create a website that could highlight the top film director, speak an international language while keeping the beauty of films at the core

Therefore, we chose a minimalist design, with simple elements such as straight lines, points, and crosses. The color palette is neutral: black, gray, and white, to give absolute prominence to the film’s colors. We have also choose a very clean font combination: a serif Raleway bold for the titles, plus a sans-serif Roboto for the contents, in order to make the contents readable and smooth. 

The magic touch

Simple means boring? 

Not for us: we have enriched the website with many subtle interaction design elements, that makes the website navigation engaging and unexpected, without ever distracting the user. 

We have also edited the text content, in order to make it consistent in style and length and also SEO effective.


You are my cinema 

Our idea was to made art direction and design work together, to convey a cinematic effect during the whole navigation experience. To make the movies stand out, we have tailored a range of customized mini reels that start in autoplay. We also decided to use the full screen format with dark background. 

The color palette and the frame selection has been carefully curated to highlight the unique style and high quality of Movie Magic productions. The result? A true professional tool, with a recognizable footprint, ready to bring the success of this Italian production house even further.