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Hard training 
never felt so sweet.

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Giorgia Dalla Venezia is a personal trainer and body positivity ambassador. Giorgia started working on virtual training using her Instagram channel; she quickly gained more than 25 thousand followers. Giorgia decided it was time to switch from Instagram to a tailor-made platform; so she contacted us to create her new digital identity, something that would allow her to grow her business in a more structured way. 

"Our challenge was to convey all the good vibes in Giorgia digital identity."

Giorgia is more than the traditional personal trainer: she is very sunny, edgy and attentive to the issues of accepting her own body. Training with her goes beyond the simple lifting and lowering of weights: it is a life choice that leads to wake up every day with a new positive energy that pervades the entire body. Her favorite day of the week? Monday! Our challenge was to convey all the good vibes in Giorgia digital identity.

We played with the spirals and wavy lines typical of lollipop design.

First, we took care of her branding. We were inspired by the sweet and funny side of Giorgia to design the naming, Bon Bon Body, which promises to all the Giorgia’ girls to have achieve a body like a bonbon by following her workouts. The logo, made with a soft font, has the warm colors of the sunset and a clear reference to the world of candy in the treatment given to the two "o", characterized by graphics that play with the spirals and wavy lines typical of lollipop design.

Then we got to the core: the e-commerce site of Giorgia, entirely custom and structured to sell the training online with two different formulas: personalized schedules, the Trainings, and video training packages, the Capsule Collection. The site has an internal structure that allows Giorgia to consult and update a complete database with all the characteristics of her athletes. 

The entire website has been created and developed so that it can be used with maximum security, as it contains sensitive data and online payment methods. In addition to the sections directly related to training, we have enriched the site with other modules, to allow Giorgia having a space to maintain a warm and human relationship with her users.

Now it’s time to get down and start sweating!

Our goal was to convey Giorgia’s attitude in this innovative virtual product, making the online training experience greedy and interesting: we curated everything from the UX to the design, the copy texts and the interactive development in order to give every user the right energy to begin a new healthy and sporty life. 

+50 Subscribers in the first 24 hours

All the athletes now have a Personal Dashboard to find their trainings and working out everywhere they like to: all they need is in their smartphone. Giorgia too has everything in one place: questionaries, athletes profiles, special needs and training routine. No more paper, excel sheets and lost data = more time to look at details and improve quality, to find new clients, and, more important, more time to do what Giorgia actually loves: train with the BBB girls!