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Finding unconventional beauty 
with the gaze of a scientist.

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Ventiseidieci is an Italian scientific innovation company, active in the fields of biotechnology, materials science, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, mechatronics and research. The company team made a breach in our hearts by talking about their big goal: to improve human performance and quality of life. Ventiseidieci is made by engineers, scientists and creatives; the challenge was to give each of these souls a voice in all the communication assets.

“Have you ever noticed that, when 
you look at something close, 
even the most common materials 
become interesting?”

In order to create an unconventional and distinctive identity, we focused on the scientists’ point of view. Have you ever noticed that when you look at something close, colours are brighter, shapes turn into patterns and even the most common materials become interesting? That’s how scientists’ eyes work. We signed the launch campaign of this innovative and brand-new reality in the Italian field, by building the digital identity and realizing the official website of Ventiseidieci and the one of its flagship products, Hydraink. 

"It’s a curious, novel and fluid way of watching 
nature and thinking about technology."

The scientific point of view is the main feature around which the design evolves. It’s a curious, novel and fluid way of watching nature and thinking about technology that we have expressed in every part of the website:

the moving matter in the website loader looks like a contemporary sculpture and the materials’ extreme close-ups create psychedelics patterns and alien-looking shapes, able to transform the ordinary into extraordinary. 

"Ventiseidieci has a double target: this distinction is visually represented by colors."

Ventiseidieci has a double target: on one hand, the other scientists that could be interested in collaborating and working for the company; on the other hand, the consumers of its products. This distinction is visually represented by colors: white for the products pages, and black for the institutional ones. We have been careful to maintain this distinction also in the creation of the launch campaign for social media: we created the editorial plan and content published on Ventiseidieci official LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram channels.

“We wanted to visually represent 
the cleanest and perfection of 
their business with a simple but 
progressive beautiful brand identity.”

Starting from the digital identity concept we created for Ventiseidieci, we have made all the corporate identity materials, including business cards, brochures, the new welcome kit and more. When creating the brand for Ventiseidieci we wanted to visually represent the cleanest and perfection of their business with a simple but progressive beautiful brand identity. 

The outline shape logo on the back of the business cards, engraved by the holographic hot foil, has become an essential element of the corporate identity of the brand. The iridescent blue colour given from this foil is a subtle connection to the life in the laboratory and the creativity behind the mind of a scientist.