The Comet


Will humanity be able 
to save itself?

The Comet is a message to humanity. We live in a perfect planet that we are daily destroying with pollution, plastic and disregard. During 2020 Covid 19 forced us to lock ourselves in house: we spent months of fear, darkness and estrangement. But something special happened: for the first time, during July 2020, we were able to spot the comet Neowise, a special twin tailed comet that becomes visible from the earth once every 7000 years.

“Every 700 years the same comet returns 
to judge us  and every night two beautiful moons 
come to forgive us.”

This event has raised a lot of questions in our minds: what did the comet see 700 years ago? What would the comet see if it passed again in 700 years? Will we still be the same? Will we have respect for the planet we live on? What does the future hold for us? The idea of the film was born by looking for the answers to these questions.

Once the story was ready, we worked with the film and advertising director Antonio Morra in order to shoot this sci-fi short movie. It took more than a year to create the right special effects, but we were able to manage all the creative process and the production phase in-house.