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Minimal touch and evolutive mindset to put the spotlight on the movies.

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Mercurio Cinematografica is an advertising, film and documentary production company founded in Milan in 1977. We have designed the online rebranding of Mercurio Cinematografica keeping in mind that the most important thing is to highlight their works.

The site has been designed to support a continuous evolution: Mercurio team can upload the latest works and videos in order to keep the site always updated. 

Even the choice of design, so minimal and unobtrusive, was made to last in time and at the same time highlight the work.

The design of the new homepage leaves absolute relevance to the video element. 

Film frames are the most relevant item for Mercurio, so, in order to combine large, high quality and very colorful images with other website elements, without obscuring them, we tried a slightly obscure filter applied as a mask. In this way the navigation menu, the slider indicator and the footer are functional, but the focus stays on the image.

Our idea was to make different elements overlap but remain always legible. For this reason, just as a dark mask was applied on film frames,  other few elements, such as the logo and the commercial title, have been treated without transparency. This way they slightly stand out and it's easier for users to understand and navigate the website.