The hipcool Manifesto

We create digital experiences.

Our philosophy is based on digital first. We believe that your brand’s online presence should evoke prestige and charisma, just like and better than the way it looks on your social media, in your showroom, or anywhere else.

"Digital is the means by which any idea can become reality."

Have you ever thought of that? Digital gives us the opportunity to design a perfect space, where size and matter change with just a touch, where colors sparkles with ideal shades, where everything is possible. Imagine trying a virtual experience designed to amaze you, that guides your customers with a path shaped to make them live a unique and high-quality experience, that inspires them to come back again and again. 

"Technology makes dreams come true."

That’s what we do. We listen and understand your vision in order to design your ideal online presence, the one that represents the soul of your brand, going beyond the laws of physics. Always with a hip and very cool touch.


Who we are.

We are a digital first creative studio, founded by a designer, a creative copywriter and a film director.

We come from the advertising industry, and we have a new idea of what it should be. We create luxury digital experiences starting from unique concepts. We design and develop virtual projects with an handmade process. We direct commercials. write content, shoot photographies and create advertising.

Lewis Lopez - Digital Designer and Creative Director

They call him a unicorn, because he knows how to design and also how to code. Lewis is a digital designer and creative director with more than ten years of experience in the field of design and digital transformation, with clients such as Intesa Sanpaolo Group, Crodino, AKQA, Havas Group.  His work has been recognized with several awards, including an Honorable Mention and Design Trends on Awwwards. In 2017 T3n Magazin listed his work into the best innovative design inspiration along with Spotify.
Discover more: lewislopez.com

Giovanna Miduri - Creative Copywriter and Creative Director

Advertising professional with a multidisciplinary background. She worked in the communications industry first as a press officer for international art shows, then as a media strategist for the WPP Group, with clients like Mars and Playstation, and finally as a creative copywriter in ACNE where she worked for Illy, Bvlgari, MSC Cruises and won a bronze at the Effie Awards 2020. Giovanna is a native Italian speaker but usually works in English. Si es necesario, incluso en Español.

Discover more: miduri.it

Sami Schinaia - Film Director and Creative Director

Film director, previously part of the internationally successful film duo SÄMEN. Sami is a point of reference for the Italian and international advertising industry; he has worked for brands such as IKEA, Nike, Bmw, Lamborghini, Vodafone, Greenpeace. Since 2015 Sami has directed several short films, that were presented during the latest independent festivals. Sami is able to create deep atmospheres, with meticulous work, continuous research in the field of photography and illuminating flashes of inspiration.
Discover more: directedbysami.com